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Congratulations to the 2014 Wolfpack Skills Challenge Achievers!

Join us in congratulating this year’s achievers on December 23rd during the double header boys and girls varsity games.  19 Cottage Grove student athletes, ranging from 2nd grade to high school seniors, devoted the extra time and discipline needed to accomplish one of three Skills Challenge goals.  Come applaud their efforts on December 23rd, and cheer on the varsity teams to victory.  It will be a great night full of Wolfpack pride.  For more info on the Wolfpack Skills Challenge please click on the “Summer Skills Challenge” link on the left of the page.

Wolfpack Basketball a Leader in Proactive Concussion Testing

Cottage Grove Athletic Association Basketball program has the one of the most proactive youth safety programs in the state.  Concussions are often difficult to see, and the signs and symptoms change by hour to hour and day to day.  The goal of this safety program is that no child plays while concussed and that parents, players, and coaches are armed with as much information as possible.  Here are the basics:
Baseline – King Devick
Each traveling player will be given a baseline King Devick test at the beginning of every season.  It is a timed reading of numbers on flip cards which takes about 5 minutes to complete and will be administered by Jennifer Blomberg or other volunteers.

Injury Liaison / Parent Volunteers
Every traveling team will have at least one, preferably two, volunteers who have been trained on giving the King Devick test.  These volunteers, along with coaches, will also watch players for signs and symptoms of concussions throughout the season.
Pull From Play During Games
If a player is suspected of having a concussion, the player will be removed from play and the IL/PV will administer the King Devick test and compare the results with the player’s baseline score as well as go through a standard checklist of concussion signs/ symptoms.  If a player shows delay and/or errors from their baseline test and/or indicates signs / symptoms of concussion from the checklist, the IL/PV will inform the coach(es) and recommend removal from play as a precaution.
Per MYAS rules, coaches are REQUIRED to pull players from play if they are injured and exhibiting signs/symptoms of concussion, which includes poor performance of the King Devick test.
Please note, the IL/PV DOES NOT diagnose a concussion – they only look at the signs/symptoms and recommend removal from play.  The overriding principle is: “WHEN IN DOUBT, SIT THEM OUT”.
If the player who has been tested passes the King Devick and doesn’t show signs/symptoms of concussion from the checklist, the player may return to play immediately or as the player/parent(s)/coach(es) feel they are able.
Return To Play
If a player has been pulled from play due to sign /symptoms of a concussion, it is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to take that player for a medical evaluation by a medical professional experienced in concussions before the player can return to play.  If the player is diagnosed with a concussion by a medical professional, medical clearance for full contact play is REQUIRED for the player to return to practices or games.

If you have any questions on CGAA Basketball concussion testing, please contact Jenn Blomberg at jenn.blomberg.cg@gmail.com.

The Cottage Grove Athletic Association is involved in charitable gambling.  CGAA Main Board meetings are held on the 2nd Sunday of each month at which gambling issues are discussed.  All active members of more than 6 months have a right to vote on any gambling issues.  These meetings are held at 7064 West Point Douglas Rd. Suite 202 Cottage Grove, Minnesota 55016.


If you are a member of another NGIN site, such as CGAA Baseball, please login with your username and password from the other site, and then click the button on the left vertical navigation bar that says join Cottage Grove Basketball Network.  You will be able to use the same password and name for all NGIN sites.  When you go to online registration, you should already see your child's information if you have used online registration in the past with an NGIN site.

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