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Basketball Board Elections

Voting will be in person this year and will take place during a regularly scheduled Board Meeting.

When: Thursday, May 12, 2022 @ 8 pm

Where: YSB Main Board Room (7064 West Point Douglas Road #201 Cottage Grove, MN)

Open Positions:

Vice President

Boys Recreation Director

What to do if you are interested in one of these positions: Email President, Jermaine Kennedy, at with your name and the position you are interested in.

This email must be received by 8 am on Thursday, May 12 for your name to appear on the ballot. 

Covid reporting Form --

# 1 Thing to do right now is to have players stay home if they are not feeling well, have symptoms, or pending test results.

Please report close contacts and testing using the link below don't wait for results of test.  Based on the information submitted we will make a determination on the recommended course of action.  Please include as many details as possible in the free form text at the bottom of the form including vaccination status if possible.

Coaches/Parents please email  with any Covid questions.

COVID Reporting form

Parents and Coaches please use this form to report close contacts and Covid testing. Parents please report tests as soon as possible even if you don't have results yet and avoid sending players to practice if they are not feeling well or have symptoms or pending tests. Parents if filling this out for your child as a close contact to a positive case at home- Only complete the that pertains to your child and include the other information in the text at the bottom. Coaches if completing this for yourself please put your information for both the Participant and Parent. Include any other information in the Text at the bottom of the form.

Community Covid testing sites

Use this link to find community Testing locations. Cottage grove Armory is open from 11-6 Thursday through Monday. Walk-ins and Appt available. They offer the Saliva PCR test. Two Types of Tests If your child needs a PCR test and is unable to carry out a saliva test, contact your health care provider or check the Find Testing Locations for other testing options, including rapid, near you. Saliva Saliva results from testing at state sites are available within approximately 24-72 hours from processing. PCR tests are the most accurate tests for detecting the virus that causes COVID-19. Tests at the state’s community saliva testing sites are polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests, molecular tests that detect the virus's genetic material. A positive PCR test result is considered a confirmed case of COVID-19. Rapid Rapid test results at state sites will be available within approximately 1-3 hours of processing. Tests at the state’s community rapid testing sites are antigen tests. Antigen tests look for specific proteins on the surface of the virus and produce results more quickly than other tests. The test is conducted with a nasal swab. A positive antigen test result is considered a probable case of COVID-19, but they are still considered cases.

Updated MN Department of Health and CDC protocols 1/14/2022

If you test Positive -- Summary
More specific instructions will be sent based on the case.

5 day Quarantine - Day 0 is date of symptoms or Date of test

Cannot Return for 5 days and they feel better.


Close Contact / Quarantine Summary

Get tested 5 days after close contact watch for symptoms for 10 days

Fully Vaccinated or had Positive covid test in last 90 days - Do not need to quarantine

Not Fully Vaccinated Recommended quarantine

  • Stay home for five full days.
  • Test on day five, if possible.
    • If you test positive, start counting again from day zero and follow isolation recommendations at If You Are Sick or Test Positive.
    • If you test negative, finish your full five days in quarantine.
  • Day 6 - 10 return with mask

If a team has more than One Positive case in a 48 Hour period we will suspend all team activity for all Players regardless of Vaccination Status for at least 5 Days from the date of the latest team Close Contact.


Facility Rental Information

Gym space is rented through Community Education. We must follow their policy on masking while in the buildings.

Saturdays at the Park to Begin June 4th!

Welcome to Cottage Grove Basketball!

2021-2022 Registration info

Little Dribblers Basketball Clinic (Pre-K and K): $45 - Includes gym time, equipment & t-shirt (FALL Registration CLOSED)

Jr. Wolfpack (1st grade and 2nd grade) : $125 - Includes in-house games, gym time, equipment & t-shirt. (Registration CLOSED)

Rec (3rd grade - 6th grade (boys)/8th grade (girls): $250 - Includes: Season games, gym time, equipment & uniforms (Registration CLOSED)

Traveling 3rd grade boys/3rd-4th grade girls: $325 - Includes: 6 tournaments (including State), gym time, equipment & uniforms. (Registration CLOSED)

Traveling 4th-8th boys/5th-8th girls: $525 - Includes: 10 tournaments (including State), gym time, equipment & uniforms. (Registration CLOSED)

*NOTE* Subject to changes due to State policy regarding COVID

Mark your calendars for SPRING LITTLE DRIBBLERS (April 2022)

Spring 2022 Little Dribblers Basketball Clinic (Pre-K and K): $45 - Includes gym time, equipment & t-shirt 

Dates: Monday's and Wednesday's April 11-27, 2022  from 6:30pm - 7:45pm at Grey Cloud Elementary School

The Cottage Grove Athletic Association is involved in charitable gambling.  CGAA Main Board meetings are held on the 2nd Sunday of each month at which gambling issues are discussed.  All active members of more than 6 months have a right to vote on any gambling issues.  These meetings are held at 7064 West Point Douglas Rd. Suite 202 Cottage Grove, Minnesota 55016.


If you are a member of another sportsengine site, such as CGAA Baseball, please login with your username and password from the other site, and then click the button on the left vertical navigation bar that says join Cottage Grove Basketball Network.  You will be able to use the same password and name for all sportsengine sites.  When you go to online registration, you should already see your child's information if you have used online registration in the past with an sportsengine site.